Defamation / Privacy &
Publicity Rights

Our clients include documentary and other non-fiction producers; broadcasters; authors of books and writers of screenplays; digital and print publishers; playwrights and lyricists. We help them make stories with real people and businesses, saying what they want to say while making the most of constitutional and other protections. Defamation law and the law of privacy and publicity rights attempt to reconcile our society’s deeply held belief in the value of a free press and protected expression under the First Amendment with its equally strong belief in individual rights and the value of reputation. We guide our clients through that system, not as litigators after a lawsuit is commenced but before publication occurs. As part of that guidance, topiramate over the counter – and we perform “libel reads” of books, films, plays and other works and assist with applications for errors and omissions insurance coverage. We also advise clients who collect consumer information via web sites about the creation and posting of privacy policies and limits on use of collected information.