Talk Scheduled: IP in Day of FaceBook & YouTube

January 11, 2010


Neil J. Rosini

Neil Rosini to discuss the legality of the commonplace.

The internet may have transformed the way we use media, including how we listen to music and watch video (Hulu, YouTube, web radio), how we make our own videos using others’ music and images, and how we communicate with text and photos (Twitter, Facebook, and bloggers). But to what extent has the law evolved too? Do copyright, defamation, privacy and publicity rights laws smile on the online uses that many take for granted? (Put aside peer to peer.)

Partner Neil Rosini will appear at the Williams Club on March 4 to discuss the difference between what’s taken for granted and what the law currently provides.


$10 Williams Club members, $15 guests

Includes beer, wine, soda, and hors d’oeuvres