Schedule of Sundance Panel Discussions

January 20, 2015

Sponsored by FWRV at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival located at the New York Lounge, 751 Main St., Park City.


Crowdfunding has become an integral tool for independent producers looking to finance their projects and increase their audiences. On this blue ribbon panel, crowdfunding experts and Sundance producers will share success stories and best practices for maximizing your next crowdfunding campaign — and enlarging your audience at the same time.

SUNDAY, 1/25, 11:00 AM:  Production

Learn from the pros. Producing independent films requires a broad range of skills and expertise.  Our panel features some of today’s most successful producers and industry leaders who will share their practical insights and best business practices.

MONDAY 1/26, 11:00 AM: Money Ball:  Production Accounting and Related Business Essentials

What kind of corporation should you set up as your production vehicle? What taxes do you have to pay on the money raised from crowdfunding? How can you best leverage tax credits and other soft money opportunities to finance your film? Our experienced film accountants, production attorneys and finance specialists will address these and other challenges you are likely to face when financing and producing your film.

TUESDAY, 1/27, 11:00 AM:  Distribution Trends

There are more options for film distribution than ever before. Players from both the traditional and emerging world of distribution will address the wide and increasingly complicated array of distribution options for filmmakers to create integrated success plans tailored to achieve their unique goals. 

TUESDAY, 1/27, 2:00 PM: Music in Film

The use of music can enhance the value of a production and licensing music for films is an essential creative and business skill. A failure to understand the licensing process however can frustrate a filmmaker’s objectives and lead to post-production chaos. Our expert panelists will demystify the licensing process and share creative and budget-friendly strategies for empowered producers.